photographing & editing workshop in helsinki

I’m organizing my first-ever workshop in Helsinki

July 6th, 2019

In this half-day workshop we will get familiar with some wild animal in Helsinki. After photographing we will go inside and focus on post-processing the photos we just took.

You will learn to approach and photograph wild animals in the beautiful settings and good company. I will show you all the best tricks of nature photography and post-processing your images.

To make the best out of our time, we have only six (6) available spots for this workshop!


At the moment all six spots are reserved. You can still sign in if you want, and if there’s a cancellation I’ll let you know!

Time & Place:

Saturday July 6th 06:00am - 12:00am (noon)

We will meet at the photographing location (to be confirmed later) in Helsinki at 6 am in the morning.

During the first hours of the day, the light of the rising sun is the most beautiful and the animals are most active. Before the city wakes up we can best enjoy the nature in peace without disturbance. We photograph outdoors for around 3 hours.

After photographing we will take a bus/tram to the center of Helsinki and go indoors to check and edit together the photos we took in the morning. We will have a peaceful and comfortable private meeting room at Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, where I also have my first-ever photo exhibition.

The workshop will end around 12 am (midday). If you want, you can join a brunch/lunch after the workshop somewhere in the center of Helsinki (not included).

What will we do?

We will focus on photographing all kind of wild animals we can find. Our target species are red squirrels and several bird species which we’re most likely going to find easily. Below is photos of some species we may be able to find. Some we will see for sure and some only if we’re lucky. When it comes to wildlife, I can never promise seeing any specific animal species, but I can guarantee that we will see some of them for sure.

Many of the animals are very friendly and come close to human. With shyer species we will respect their personal space and photograph from a decent distance.

After photographing we will focus on post-processing the photos we’ve just taken. I’ll show my editing workflow and share all my best tips&tricks for editing wildlife photos.

During the whole time, if you have anything to ask about nature, photographing, editing, social media or anything else, I’m more than happy to answer and share my knowledge.

For who?

The workshop is suitable and open for anyone who is interested in nature photography and post-processing. Especially good for beginners but also for more advanced photographers.

The common language spoken in the workshop is English. However, guidance in Finnish is also possible when convenient or if all attenders are Finnish speaking.

What do I need?

  1. Camera

    You need to bring your own camera if you wish to take photos. Big and expensive camera doesn’t automatically mean better photos. Bring whatever you have (even a phone camera) and I’ll make sure that you get some nice shots. Most likely we will get very close to some animals so it may be possible to take photos even with a phone or wide-angle lens. Some animals are shyer so a longer lens is better. Ask more if you’re not sure what gear you should bring!

  2. Clothes suitable for outdoors

    Even it’s summer and the days can be very warm, early mornings are often a bit chilly. Take enough clothes with you as we may be staying still for some time waiting for the animals. Please check the weather forecast on the day before and if it looks rainy, bring an umbrella or waterproof clothes. We use mostly easy-walk-able paths but may also go off-road in to the forest so please don’t wear your finest shoes.

    Little rain is not a problem but if the weather is absolutely horrible, we may have to cancel the workshop.

  3. Snacks

    Please have a good breakfast before the workshop or bring some snacks with you to the forest. A hot coffee or tea in a thermos bottle isn’t a bad idea either. There’s no place to buy food/drinks at the photographing location. On the way from outdoors to indoor location it may be possible to quickly visit a market.

  4. Laptop & editing program

    In the post-processing part we will be editing our photos with computers. The editing software we use is the latest version of Adobe Lightroom CC. You can download a free 7-day trial from here or buy the license. Any older version of Lightroom or another editing program is fine as well but we’ll get the most out of the workshop if everyone is using the same one.

What is included?

  1. Guiding and teaching during the whole workshop

  2. Bus tickets from the photographing location to the post-processing location (if needed)

What is not included?

  1. Traveling to the meeting location in the morning

  2. Optional brunch/lunch after the workshop

  3. Camera, lenses, laptop or any other gear to use during the workshop

Price and available spots

Price for the whole workshop is 150€. There’s six (6) spots available for this workshop. The workshop will be organized if at least three (3) people have confirmed joining by the 1st of July.

After signing up work the workshop you will be send an invoice of total 150€. The final due date of the invoice is July 1st but if you haven’t paid it within 3 days, your spot may be released to another person. The spots will be confirmed in order of paying so please act quick if you want to make sure that you’ll get your spot. In case of overbooking, your payment will be refunded to you.

If the workshop is cancelled for some reason, the whole amount will be paid back to your account within 7 days.

Spots left: 0/6 | SOLD OUT AT THE MOMENT

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