Going on the photography trip with Ossi was an amazing experience. We spent the morning photographing birds and squirrels in Helsinki, the midday hours going through editing techniques at a local cafe and the evening at another location where we got the chance to photograph moose, deer, foxes and hares! Ossi is a very talented photographer and has tons of great tips when it comes to wildlife photography. If you are looking for an experience where you can be in the midst of the Finnish nature and it’s teeming wildlife then this is definitely a trip I would recommend!
— Govinda Thompson

I’ve spent my whole life wandering in the nature, observing the beautiful and rich wildlife of Finland. The past 4 years I’ve been focusing on capturing them in photos. I feel confident to say that I know a lot about these subjects. I have always enjoyed teaching other people, sharing my knowledge and seeing them become amazed by the nature. If I wasn’t a photographer I’d probably be some kind of teacher. But… why not to combine these two passions?

Below is a list of some ways how I can help you. Or if you have anything else in your mind, I’m more than happy to discuss about it!

If you want to join a group workshop please check available workshops by clicking the button below:

1. Private wildlife photography workshop


Let’s go photograph some wildlife together and I’ll teach you all the best tricks about finding, approaching and photographing wild animals.

  • How to find wildlife

  • How to approach and get close to wild animals without scaring them away

  • How to take nice photos of nature and wildlife

Price: 450€ /half-day trip (or ask for an offer)

Available: Helsinki area (ask for other locations)

2. Face-to-face photo editing teaching


Let’s grab a coffee in some cozy coffee place and I will teach you all the best tricks about editing photos. We can also easily combine this with a photography trip outdoors.

  • Editing RAW-files with Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop

  • Editing photos for social media posts with the best possible quality

Price: 150€ /hour

Available: Helsinki area (ask for other locations)

3. Social media consulting


In 2019 social media is the simplest and best way to show your work and reach for audience and potential customers. Reaching out to big masses of people has never been this easy. During only one night a thing that no one has seen before can go viral and reach millions of people.

However it’s easier said than done. No matter how great your work is, if you don’t show and promote it in the right ways, it may not be seen by as many people as it would deserve.

I was able to grow my Instagram account from 0 to over 175 000 followers within two years. I know all the best tricks to grow your social media accounts. Let’s take a look on your accounts and I’ll show you how to make your work stand out from all others.

This is easiest to do if we meet face-to-face (Helsinki area). Let’s grab of a coffee and take a look on your social media accounts.

Ask for an offer.

4. Wildlife Photography Excursions


If you’re interested in photographing some specific species, please click HERE.

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