Chasing the Autumn Colors

Northern Finland & Norway | September 11th - 20th 2019

 If someone had asked me a year ago, which are my biggest photographing or traveling dreams, I would have answered “Lapland in autumn” (along many other places of course). Even tho I live in Finland and love both nature and traveling, I have been only a few times in Lapland. And never in September, when the colors are the most beautiful. After seeing so many amazing photos from there, I thought that now it’s finally my time to go. And so did the planning begin.


There’s no way to explore Lapland with public transport but luckily I got my friend Paavo to join me with his car. Later another friend, Julia joined us as well. Travelling is always much more pleasurable when there’s someone to share thoughts (and fuel costs haha).

It is a very short time of the year when the most beautiful autumn colors are on. They appear suddenly and may totally disappear in a few days. We chose our days and hoped for the best. We booked accommodation for the first four nights but left the schedule open after that.

I haven’t traveled so much during the colder time of the year, so I had to upgrade my gear a bit. It was finally time to say goodbye to those sleepless nights without a proper sleeping bag or warm clothes. I also bought new outdoor shoes that should keep by feet warm and dry. As I’ve been mostly focusing on wildlife photography, I didn’t really have a good lens for landscapes so I decided to try out the Sigma 20mm Art f/1.4 lens. I also bought a small tripod in case of any northern lights appear during the nights.

We arrived to Levi in the morning of September 12th. There we had our accommodation for the first two nights, in collaboration with Break Sokos Hotel Levi. Two full days of wandering and photographing, being amazed by the colors. Yellow, orange and even a little bit of red everywhere around us.

The weather wasn’t really on our side, as it was raining or at least very cloudy most of the time. We photographed what we could and after all got a few nice shots. One good thing about the weather was fog, that sometimes appeared higher on the Levi fell and gave a nice moody touch on our photos.