online editing masterclass


On this online course I will show you my editing workflow and teach all the best tricks to make your photographs stand out. I will also teach you how to optimize your photos for social media (Instagram, Facebook).

The course has four different classes:

  1. Basic editing

    Learning all the basic settings of Adobe Lightroom CC and how to use them in the best possible way. How to use Lightroom to archive your photos and save lot of time.

  2. Advanced editing

    Using Graduated & Radial filters and Brush in every photo. Handling and changing colors & tones. Removing objects (dirt, branches etc.) from the photo. Sharpening & Noise reduction. Reading histogram.

  3. Editing for social media

    Best settings to export for different social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook). Maximizing the quality & sharpness on social media posts. What kind of photos/edit work best on Instagram or Facebook? How to make photos that stand out from others. How to make a very noisy photo look good on Instagram.

  4. Editing with mobile phone

    Finalizing the edit with mobile apps before posting on Instagram. Editing RAW phone shots with mobile apps.

Course material

  • Total over 3 hours of screen-recorded video of editing with Adobe Lightroom CC and mobile apps

  • 5 Lightroom presets to speed up your workflow

Course price: 75€